Monday, April 4, 2011

100 Words: Tired

An ache...

Something in me weighs me down, Kryptonite in my veins. I know it will drain slowly as I drag myself from bed to bathroom counter, but the momentary agony pulls my eyes closed one more time…just 5 more minutes of eyes shut denial of morning and the new week and all that it brings with it…just 5 more minutes of the cozy warmth of my bed: down comforter, pillow, sateen sheets pulled up to my ears…

…5 minutes gone…and now for real…

I hear the alarm one more time, and turn off feeling, flip the blankets back and rise.


  1. Which is more difficult? getting up first time when having to, or taking 5 mins of fleeting pleasure that feels more like 5 seconds and then having to exercise or execute that agonizing will to move limbs out of bed :)

  2. Pretty much every time, I pick "not the first time". I need the warning to get my mind and resolve behind what I need to do; give me 5 minutes to prepare for what I have to do.