Photography Goals 2012

It’s better to fail spectacularly while reaching for the stars than it is to succeed at something we never really wanted in the first place. - David duChamin 
Brainstorming at this point... (1/8/12)

  • Projects - color, mood, print, film
  • Subjects - people (I can start with myself, and I hereby apologize to all friends and family who must suffer through this), star trails
  • Techniques - motion, storytelling
  • Locations: Discovery Park, Magnolia, Golden Gardens, Alki
  • Continue with Meetup

  • Faster ability to adjust, know what settings to start with 
  • Learn Aperture 3
  • All the buttons on my camera
  • Mess with raw. Decide whether it's worth it.
  • Print management - learn more about how to calibrate for printing (Appendix A in the Aperture 3 User manual looks promising)

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